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Culinary delights at Hotel Seeleiten

A Mediterranean journey for your taste buds

Enjoy culinary highlights at Hotel SEELEITEN at the Lake Caldaro. Together with his team, our head chef always tries to surprise our guests with creative dishes and top-quality cuisine.

Taste specialties such as courgette flan on vegetable ratatouille, fried sea scallops, deer dishes, rosemary potatoes, asparagus, delicious ice cream or dumplings, a local specialty. The regional cuisine is inspired by its geographic location. Caldaro is located in the picturesque Mediterranean part of South Tyrol, and surrounded by beautiful lakes and vineyards.  Italian influence is present as much as traditional South Tyrolean culture. At our 5-star hotel, quaint, hearty dishes exist alongside lighter Mediterranean specialties. Each meal can be accompanied by a fine local wine which compliments its taste perfectly. At lunchtime, enjoy a light, healthy meal.

Choose from a range of offers including Mediterranean specialties, exotic dishes and fine wines. Dining at Hotel SEELEITEN is an exciting experience every time, a true feast for the taste buds. If you are interested in the preparation of our dishes, we will gladly let you know which ingredients we use: some of those ingredients can be bought in the hotel store, together with our own wines and apple products.

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Enjoy delightful dishes at Hotel Seeleiten
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About moments of pleasure and wellbeing
Gourmet food, excellent appetizer and salad bar, lunch included... plus top sauna architecture

This is a very nice and friendly hotel with a comfortable atmosphere and well trained staff. The highlight of the hotel are probably the culinary arts. There is an excellent bicycle area and very informed and competent staff to give you tips - a value added service.

Nearly perfect

Amazing experience with a very high level of service and comfort. Would recommend it to all lovers of nature and wine with a very high level of luxury.