Frühling Kalterer See Wandern Südtirol Hotel

Dream hikes around Kaltern on your holidays in South Tyrol

A natural paradise, dream destination, hiking Eldorado, and luxury hotel where myriad active experiences await you. Leisurely or challenging, indulgent or thrilling. That’s hiking around Kaltern. Down in the valley or way up high, around the lake or through the vineyards. Each step energises your soul. Each destination is a unique experience. And each view a work of art. Qualified hiking guides and herb experts accompany you to the most beautiful spots in the surrounding nature several times a week. Can you imagine anything more wonderful?

Around Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See

An absolute classic: Starting directly from our hotel doorstep, you first walk to Lido car park and then northwards to Gasthaus Geier. Once there, follow the narrow hiking path, turn right onto the road, and then follow this until you reach the vineyards. Turn right again, pass the lake hotel on the left, and continue towards Klughammer. At the southern end of the road, a hiking trail leads to the southern shore of the lake. Once you arrive there, cross the road and turn onto the nature experience trail. At the end of the trail, turn into Kuchlweg trail and continue until you’ve almost reached the wine road. Shortly beforehand, turn into the track through the fields. The newly made walking and cycle path takes you back to St. Josef church and then to your starting point. Happy walking!

To Rastenbach gorge

You can enjoy an especially impressive hike along the wildly romantic Rastenbach gorge. The route begins by heading steeply up the slope directly behind Lake Spa Hotel SEELEITEN. At the end of the asphalted farm track, turn left onto a trail through the vineyards with a breathtaking view of Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See. Follow the trail until you reach Via Barleit, where you turn left. After around 500 to 700 metres, the forest begins, where the entrance to Rastenbach gorge is located on the right-hand side. Then follow the paths, steps, bridges, and narrow trails to the church in Altenburg. You can then return via Altenburg hiking trail no. 11.

On the Peace Trail

If you’re looking for hikes around Kaltern and are also interested in art and culture, then the Peace Trail is perfect for you. It leads from the car park of the St. Anton sport centre through the cultivated and natural landscapes of Kardatsch valley or wild Rastenbach gorge all the way to St. Peter in Altenburg. Seven pilgrimage points invite hikers to stop, reflect, and admire artworks on the five themes of Moderation, Wisdom, Justice, Faith, and Hope. The sixth theme, Courage, is symbolised by Rastenbach gorge itself. The seventh pilgrimage point, Love, can be found at the early Christian church ruins of St. Peter in Altenburg, probably the oldest of their kind in all of Tyrol.

What’s included at our hiking hotel in Kaltern

  • Hikes together with your hosts
  • Hiking equipment such as hiking poles, rucksacks, and snowshoes
  • Weekly guided tours and tastings at Moser winery and Mendel beer brewery
  • Mobil & activ card for the free use of public transport throughout South Tyrol
  • Idyllically located Mediterranean lake park for sunbathing on the eastern shore of Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See
  • 3,600m² spa oasis with pools, saunas, and relaxation rooms to regenerate in
  • Sunny lake house with private beach right by Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See
  • Gym and exercise room with on-site gym instructor
Hiking holidays in South Tyrol
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