Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy

Friendly warmth that brightens your days

What makes our hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy so special? It’s the family. The history. The ambience. Love and harmony. It’s the people who holiday and work here. But also the blissful experiences that touch your heart. Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the moment, the luxury of feeling so alive, and the multitude of ways we pamper you. Lake Lifestyle is just that: lightness and sweet Italian dolce vita. At Lake Spa Hotel SEELEITEN, the first and only 5-star hotel at Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See. We can’t wait to welcome you! We? That would be Franz, Daniel, Dominic, and Benita. If you’ve visited SEELEITEN before, you’ll already know us. After all, we’ve been running our holiday paradise on Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See for an impressive 40 years now. Would you like to know how we spend our days?

Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy
Senior hotel head Franz

A visionary with charm and humour

Franz took over Hotel SEELEITEN some 40 years ago and over the years has turned it into what it is today: one of the best 5-star spa hotels on the southern side of the Alps. He has now handed over management to Daniel and Dominic, but he still plays an essential role when it comes to wine and beer. You can meet him regularly during a wine tasting in the stone cellar or a hike to the house where he grew up at Lake Monticolo/Montiggler See.

Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy
Juniors Daniel and Dominic

Always laid-back and chilled

Daniel (the older brother) and Dominic (the younger) run Hotel SEELEITEN with a whole lot of love and passion and lend a helping hand wherever it’s needed. While Daniel loves cuisine and can usually be met during evening service, Dominic makes sure that everything runs smoothly at the reception. In their free time, you’ll find Daniel on his bike or on the tennis court, while Dominic will be surfing, kiting, or on an SUP on the sparkling waters of Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See.

Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy

A real superwoman

The second oldest in the Moser family, a qualified management consultant, has enthusiastically taken over the farming side of things. She loves getting hands-on. And she’s ambitious: She’s currently putting heart and soul into switching to organic agriculture. And when she’s not working? She adores hiking, cycling, running, and everything in between. If it’s extreme, she loves it!

Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy

The breath of fresh air

Our youngest is currently studying in Berlin and is always excited when holidays come around and she has the chance to return to Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See.

Together, we’re an unbeatable team, because we love working with each other every day.

A close-knit team

We say it again and again: Our employees are absolutely phenomenal. They have charm. And charisma. They’re smart and endearing as well as bright and helpful. They know what our guests want. And they anticipate your wishes without you saying a word. Because they love being here at SEELEITEN. And you’ll feel it – from the very first moment.

Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy
Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy
Your hotel by Lake Caldaro, Italy
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