Sustainability at our luxury hotel by Lake Caldaro

Sustainable luxury is our goal!

Think green. Reduce our ecological footprint. Protect our environment. And give our guests a sustainable holiday. Those are our goals at Lake Spa Hotel SEELEITEN. And we do all we can to achieve them every day. With environmentally friendly initiatives, social action, and conscientious management. Because sustainability affects us all. Discover the beauty of Lake Caldaro/Kalterer See and support our efforts for a sustainable future.

Energy efficiency and climate protection

We rely on energy-efficient technologies to minimise our energy consumption.

  • Thanks to modern renovation measures, our hotel is certified according to the highest South Tyrolean climate house standard A.
  • By using our solar thermal and photovoltaic systems, thermal power stations, and state-of-the-art heating and air conditioning systems, we reduce our CO₂ emissions and thus protect the environment.
  • The electricity not produced in-house comes entirely from South Tyrolean hydropower.
  • We have energy-efficient lighting throughout the hotel and use energy recovery systems.
  • Through measures such as covering or recirculating already heated water during the night, we minimise energy consumption.

Water management

We attach great importance to the economical use of water.

  • Through the use of water-saving fittings, water treatment facilities, regular checks for water loss, and the use of biological cleaning agents, we minimise water consumption and contribute to the protection of this precious resource.
  • For irrigation at night, we use seeped groundwater from our own well.
  • Our toilets are equipped with water-saving flushing systems.
  • The beautiful natural pool with special filter system, heated thanks to solar energy, does completely without chemical agents, without any loss of water quality. We were also able to significantly reduce the addition of chlorine to the other pools by using special water revitalisation equipment.

Waste management & recycling

We practice consistent waste separation and promote the recycling of valuable materials.

  • By using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials and products, we reduce waste and support the circular economy.
  • In your room, you’ll find water bottles provided for your stay. Fill them with our treated spring water free of charge at the fountains and water points distributed on the grounds!

Cuisine & regional products

We attach great importance to fresh and regional products and support local producers wherever possible.

  • Our kitchen spoils you with seasonal ingredients from the surrounding area. The focus is on quality and seasonality.
  • We are happy to cook vegan or vegetarian dishes for you and prepare your own menu. Otherwise, we also provide wholesome alternatives to fish and meat.
  • In our kitchen, we consistently follow a zero-waste principle. We minimise buffets and deliberately keep portions small – we’re happy to serve a second portion on request! Remaining vegetable and meat scraps are processed into delicious sauces and stocks by our talented chef Eddi. He’s a true master of using leftovers.

Nature experiences & activities

South Tyrol’s sweet south impresses with a rich variety of cultural and sustainable experiences. We want to play our part in this.

  • Here, you can get to know South Tyrolean life, drink wine from the surrounding vineyards, look into the cellars of Kaltern’s more than 40 wine producers, or discover the power of nature on a forest hike with our trained herbal expert.
  • Explore the surrounding landscape in a sustainable way with our bicycles, which are provided free of charge, and use public transport to get comfortably to the city for a stroll or to local mountain Mt Mendola/Mendel.
  • For a car-free holiday, we provide you with a free guest card. If you arrive by bus or train, we will gladly organise a shuttle service to the hotel.
  • Our weekly programme offers exclusively sustainable experiences to give you an environmentally conscious holiday feeling.
Sustainability at our luxury hotel by Lake Caldaro
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