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SEELEITEN Travel precaution

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Illness, family, or work commitments can sometimes disrupt your travel plans. With the SEELEITEN travel precaution, you are covered against such unexpected events.

Travel precaution

What does the coverage include?

The cancellation or interruption of the trip is covered in the following cases:

  • Unexpected serious illness of the insured guest
  • Serious accident or death of the insured guest
  • Death, serious accident, or unexpected serious illness of a family member (spouse, partner, parents, grandparents, step-parents or in-laws, siblings, children, step-children, in-law children, and grandchildren)
  • Pregnancy and pregnancy complications
  • Significant property damage at the guest's residence due to a natural event (e.g., fire) or a criminal act by a third party that requires the guest's presence
  • Summons for mandatory military or civil service if the responsible authority does not recognize the travel booking as a reason for postponement
  • Unintentional loss of employment due to termination by the employer
  • Filing for divorce before a jointly booked trip of the spouses
  • Failure of final exams immediately before a trip that was booked before the exams
  • Unexpected court summons, provided the court does not recognize the travel booking as a reason for postponement

Medically justified insurance claims must be confirmed by a doctor's certificate. Please note that pre-existing conditions are only covered if they become unexpectedly acute. For all events, we require written confirmation.

Who is covered?

The coverage applies to the insured guest, their insured family members, and up to three other insured individuals in the case of a joint booking. Family members include the spouse (or partner living in the same household), children (step-children, in-laws, grandchildren), parents (step-parents, in-laws, grandparents), and siblings of the insured person.

What is the cost?

From our experience, 8 euros per room are enough to cover our expenses. We do not intend to charge more than that.

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