Spring drink made easy

Looking for a light spring drink for the first BBQ party? Drinks on the balcony? Or just for yourself and your other half? So simple, so good – Bar chef Matthias shows us his personal recommendation for spring!

Bar chef Matthias introduces his simple spring drink

Delicious, bitter and pink

Spring. Awakening in pink. A breeze of liveliness captured in a glass. Glimmering pink, light and carefree. Two ingredients, a promise of freshness. Enjoyment in every sip. Lightness meets pure taste. Simple and quick. Spring in its most beautiful form.

For the drink, you'll need tonic water and Rosé wine. Fill a wine glass with about 0.1l of Rosé and 0.15l of tonic water. Add ice cubes if desired. The drink is ready and can be garnished with strawberries, raspberries or even mint and orange. It tastes exquisite, give it a try!

Easy spring drink Rosé Tonic

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